Care Instructions

**Always read the washing instructions included with your wrap/carrier or look on the maker’s website for specific washing instructions.**

General Washing/Drying Tips:

  • Liquid detergent free of optical brighteners is the general recommendation for most fibers.  
  • Do not use fabric softener. 
  • Many people dry flat or line dry to avoid shrinkage. If you are working with a fiber that is dryer-friendly, it is generally recommended to dry on low. Do not use dryer sheets. Dryer balls are a great way to help break in your wrap.
  • If you are washing or drying a RS in the dryer, wrap a pair of socks over the rings to help reduce the noise. 
  • Steam ironing is a great way to break in most fibers. Make sure you use the correct settings on your iron.

For more info, here are great websites for your reference:

How to wash your woven wrap or soft structured carrier (SSC)?