Daiesu Sunset

RM50.00 RM250.00

Sunset is several shades of yellow, blue and black stripes woven in diagonal weave with three choices of wefts: Toffee, Emerald and Violet. Sunset has been made a little denser (compared to Fiesta) at 260gsm to provide more cush and support for heavier babies, while remaining the softness to wrap your newborns.

Sunset comes in 2 sizes of Ring Slings (S and M) and 3 sizes of wraps (4, 5 and 6). Choose size 4 if you’re ready to explore shorty carries like Kangaroo, Ruck and Short Cross Carry. While size 5 and 6 are always universal to be utilized with almost all types of carries. Every Sunset wrap and ring sling comes with a handy Daiesu canvas tote bag!

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