Anna, Ariel & Eclipse - Review by Kendong-Kendong February 7, 2019 14:23

I've been insistent on a black and white wrap collection, but I think jewel tones like these three wraps look so incredible.

Anna (inspired by Frozen's Anna) is an affordable handwoven with a rich purple-ish pink and blue, with an intricate weave design that just pops up! Woven by The Handloom School in India, with 100% organic cotton and 100% natural dyes, it is thin, but surprisingly supportive for my 3-year-old. The texture (and grip) is phenomenal, albeit being dry. 

Both Eclipse and Ariel are a HappyFluffy exclusive, produced by These are thicker, and heavier, compared to Anna, and glides wonderfully to make beautifully easy-to-tighten passes. Still a little slippery to my liking, but I will update on how it wraps after a little more wearing, in my review, later. They both have a gorgeous herringbone weave that makes great diagonal stretch. Ariel has that gorgeous turquoise while Eclipse adorns a midnight blue.

They are all available for purchase (and at the moment, some with a discounted price!) from HappyFluffy

{First image shows a close up of a mama in an electric blue hijab, wearing her toddler on her back, in a bright purplish-pink, bright purple and black wrap. Toddler's top of head is covered by mama's hijab tail. This wrap is called Anna.}

{Second image is of the toddler worn on mama's front, in a mostly blue and purple with black rails wrap. One of mama's hand is on toddler's leg and the other on the wall behind them. This wrap is called Eclipse.}

{Third image is close up of the wrap on mama's back, while she is wearing her toddler on the front, in a seafoam green, turquoise and purples wrap with black rails. This wrap is called Ariel.}

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